🎮BunnyPark Game Token(BG)

BunnyPark Game is a one-stop game token launched for the SaaS ecosystem. BG will be used to participate in all SaaS incubated projects, including IBOs, GameBox, BlindBox, and participation in the game processes. This way, all SaaS GameFi will be connected to form a seamless BSC game circle. BG is not available via pre-sale but can only be obtained through participation in the SaaS ecosystem.

BG Token

Token Name: BunnyParkGame

Token Ticker: BG

Block Chain: BinanceSmartChain (BEP20)

- Contract Address: 0xd04c116c4f02f3cca44b7d4e5209225c8779c8b8

- Max Supply: 1,000,000,000

- Initial Liquidity1: 1.88% (18,800,000 BG-2,000,000 BP)

- Initial Liquidity 2: 0.182346% (1,823,460 BG-200,000 BUSD)

- BG Games Ecosystem Output: 97.9376% (979,376,000)

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