BunnyPark Intro

BunnyPark Introduction

BunnyPark is a DeFi + NFT project deployed on BSC focusing on NFT SaaSization and product standardization that allows the output of NFT development standards, diverse gameplay, product rules and application values into a series of standard smart contracts. Being the Lego provider in the NFT sector, we can provide many NFT and GameFi developer teams and artists quick combinations to create NFT product platforms.

BunnyPark owns an independent "SaaS" incubation fund. We are always open to accepting applications from development teams and artists. The successful teams who pass our review will receive fundings, R&D, mathematical models, operations and other comprehensive support provided by the incubation fund.

“SaaS” Incubation Platform and Incubation Fund

The “SaaS” incubation platform is a combination of NFT and GameFi product development platform pioneered by BunnyPark. It provides many NFT protocols and smart contracts that comply with ERC-721 and ERC-1155 development standards for combination. Developers are only required to select their desired protocol templates and quickly create standalone NFT products within the custom parameters.

It is necessary to deploy projects through a unified development standard to save effort and ensure the effective interoperability of different NFT products developed and run on the same blockchain. This is also to ensure future extensibility and flexibility of the deployed products which will lead to a better NFT ecosystem on the public chain.

Through “SaaS” incubation fund, BunnyPark is committed to building NFT standardization on BSC and providing comprehensive incubation services for outstanding developer teams, including but not limited to:

- Up to $1,000,000 of financial support

- Advice on building a healthy economic model

- Standard project development guidance

- Holistic operational support

- Long-term assistance to ensure the health of the project development


Holistic DEX platform for trading and liquidity management.


To allow users to provide two specific tokens in the liquidity and earn BunnyPark Token (BP) as a reward.

Traditional CropPool

To allow users to stake BunnyPark Token (BP) and earn a variety of tokens as a reward.

Innovative CropPool

To allow users to stake a variety of token and earn BunnyPark Token (BP) as a reward.

Gaming Box

To provide one-stop support for incubation investment, SaaS infrastructure, branding traffic portal, etc for GameFi developers.

Blind Box

To allow the rapid combination of diversified blind box gameplay, support of initial token issuance, marketing, brand establishment, and other solutions.

ShareCard and Governance

BunnyPark adopts Genesis NFT: ShareCards for community governance. ShareCard holders have the rights to dividend, decision making, and supervision power. Any governance process will be implemented through DAO. ShareCards are divided into three categories: King (1 card), Warrior (5000 cards) and Astronauts (20000 cards). All ShareCards are subjected to periodic dividend reduction but decision-making rights remain the same.

BunnyPark Token(BP)

Token name:BunnyPark

Token ticker:BP


Contract Address:0xACB8f52DC63BB752a51186D1c55868ADbFfEe9C1

Token Output(Major Updates)

BP output will follow Binance Smart Chain blocks. The initial output block height is 6871000 and thereafter, the output is reduced every 864000 blocks (about one month), each time reducing the current output by 10%, for a total of 21 cycles. Hence, the total output production is 22 cycles (months), and the output data are as followed:

Updated Data:

-King is still currently stored on Binance NFT auction platform and will not produce BP until the withdrawal function is supported.

- 800 Warriors were released via public sale; the remaining 4200 have been destroyed.

- All 20000 Astronauts were sold via public sale.

Team and Developer Share (Major Updates)

BunnyPark team owns 5% of the effective circulating tokens (total amount shown in the block – total number in burned address = effective circulating amount).

According to the original terms, BunnyPark team owns 5% of BP block output. According to the total block output on 30th August (GMT): 73.7 million BP; hence, the team should own 3.685 million BP.

According to the new terms, BunnyPark team owns 5% of the effective circulating amount. According to the effective circulating amount on 30th August (GMT): 33.6 million BP; hence the team should own 1.68 million BP.

Through the modified terms, BunnyPark team has given up at least 50% of the original allocation of tokens. Furthermore, the developer incentive portion for the SaaS incubation fund will also be modified in the same way to account for 5% of the effective circulating amount.

When the revised proposal is approved, BunnyPark team will carry out the first token minting since the launch of the project and make a public announcement.

Official Sites and Contact Information:


Email:[email protected]



Telegram Channel:https://t.me/BunnyParkbsc

Telegram Group (English):https://t.me/bunnyparkbsc01

Telegram Group (Chinese):https://t.me/bunnyparkChinese01

Telegram Group (Korean):https://t.me/BunnyParkBSC_Korean

Telegram Group (Spanish):https://t.me/BunnyParkBSC_Spanish

Telegram Group (Italian):https://t.me/BunnyParkBsc_IT

Telegram Group (Japanese):https://t.me/BunnyPark_JPoffical

Telegram Group (Vietnamese):https://t.me/BunnyPark_Vietnam