๐ŸฅšIBO Information

The IBO section serves to provide initial NFT distribution as well as initial token distribution for projects launched via SaaS Incubator. IBO will be conducted using BP and BP LP. 50% of BP or LP accumulated via IBO will be burned while the remaining 50% will be used to support the development of the IBO project. At the same time, the SaaS Incubator will also allocate an equal amount of funds to support the project.


GameBox is the application portal of the SaaS incubator as well as the showcase portal of incubated projects where all confirmed incubation applications and projects launched by the SaaS incubator will be displayed.

GameBox will be opened to third-party platforms and independent projects in the future. As an on-chain application marketplace for NFT and GameFi on BSC, this segment will allow users to quickly browse and experience the latest and most comprehensive GameFi products.

GameFi projects that land on GameBox via BunnyPark SaaS incubator will have the opportunity to be quickly included and listed by Binance NFT.


BlindBox is established for projects launched by the SaaS incubator to quickly build NFT BlindBox gameplay where scarce NFT assets can be distributed via IBO, basic NFT assets via Blind Boxes, and further token distribution via both NFT assets, providing a completely closed business loop.

In the process, a slight amount of BP and BG burn mechanism will be included in the economic model of any brands and series of the BlindBoxes. The continuous introduction of new BlindBox products in the future will be one of the ways to support BP destruction.

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